The Team

Meet the Team

The Capel Military Show is run by a dedicated band of like-minded volunteers under the banner of the Aldhurst Military Vehicle Company and led by Chairman, John Dale. The core team is small but perfectly formed!

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Chairman – John Dale

The show is the brainchild of John. An avid collector of all things military, he has the largest collection of the team, both in number and physical size of military vehicles. As the manager of Aldhurst Farm he has over 500 acres of land at his disposal on which to play with them! It was his T34-85 World War II Russian Main Battle Tank, complete with functioning gun, which was the inspiration for the Capel Military Show and is the star of the Arena. Without John the event wouldn’t exist or be such explosive fun – and not just because he is responsible for all the pyrotechnics. John’s biggest fear is popping his clogs and his wife Paula selling off his military toys for what he told her he paid for them…

Andy Davidson

Event Operations Director & Vice Chairman – RAF Sqn Ldr Andrew Davidson, MBE

A serving commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force with 29 years of service to date, Andy is a legend (in his own mind). The driving force and unrelenting enthusiasm behind the team, he puts those years of service to good use as he pulls the show together to deliver what you see and enjoy on the day. He takes his duties as commentator in the arena very seriously, but when the mics off, so is Andy and you’ll find him propping up the bar! Amongst his toys is the GKN Sankey FV432 30mm Rarden AFV, looks like a tanks but isn’t.

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Site Director – Michael Sheehan

Part of the original team that set-up the show, Mick is a mechanical engineer, private pilot and sailor. Mick is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, if he is not happy then the world is about to end! Married to the indomitable Donna, between them they manage all the admin and support the planning and execution of the show. Mick’s ‘toys’ share a common theme, most of them have six wheels and a very hefty fuel bill! Don’t miss his Alvis Stalwart truck, it was the first one off the production line in 1963.

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Exhibitors, Retail & Attractions Director – Phil Harris

Another of the original directors that formed the show, Phil’s passion for the military started when he was conscripted into the army in 1952 as a vehicle mechanic in the REME. On leaving the army he became a car salesman before setting up and running an international trucking company. His gift of the gab and infectious enthusiasm for the show is legendary as he promotes the event around the country, handing out leaflets in any location or venue that will have him. Amongst his many accomplishments Phil is a private pilot and his hobbies include aircraft brokering, motor racing and sharing his military interest with his son-in-law who owns a Lightweight Land Rover and trailer.

The support team includes a variety of people from all walks of life and backgrounds. They are:

  • Signage & Exhibitors Director – Ben Dale
  • Trade Manager – Donna Sheehan
  • Event Manager – Mike Bryant
  • Event Officer – Nancy Edwards
  • Technical Director - Phil Ware
  • Admissions Managers – Paula Dale & Louise Davidson
  • Security Manager – Chris Malden
  • Comms Officer - Alan Lindfield
  • Event Safety Steward – Simon Twigger
  • Event Safety Steward – Kev Twigger
  • HLS Manager - Sandy Lyle
  • Arena Manager - James Kelly
  • Arena Chief Compere - Andy Ellis
  • Arena Chief Marshal & Site Infrastructure – Matt Stevens
  • Arena Technical Support – Neil Sutherland
  • Fire Safety Officer – Chris Mallet
  • Parking & Traffic Manager – Simon Clarke
  • Medical Officer – Kevin Thompson
  • Living History Manager – Paul Littlewood
  • Military Vehicle Manager – Mike Ure
  • Bar Manager – Luke Margetts
  • Camping Manager – Samantha Coats


We are always in need of an extra pair of hands in the run up to show, over the event weekend and to help with clear up afterwards. Without volunteers the show wouldn’t exist so please get in touch if you want to join us.

From helping with maintenance and painting of equipment, the setup and build, marshalling, admissions, litter picking, programme selling or just general assistance, we would love to hear from you.