Capel Military Show Statement on German Waffen-SS & Nazi Groups

The Capel Military Show is a family event that continues to grow in popularity and attendance. It is run entirely by volunteers with the simple mission to raise money and awareness of Military charities and help fund local projects whilst providing a safe, informative, fun and action-packed show. To date we have raised over £120k for charity.

We believe that it is important to learn from past conflicts and not sanitise history by excluding all unsavoury elements, but to portray them as accurately as possible whilst acknowledging their harmful impact and sparking conversation so that we learn from it and create a better future together. We also recognise that for the show to continue to thrive and build on the success of 2021 it is necessary to adapt to the current climate and visitors’ sensitivities.

Following debate and discussions with our own volunteers, local residents, Capel Parish Council, our local MP, Living History Groups and visitors, we have reviewed and updated the terms of condition for entry and participation for all exhibitors, traders and living history and re-enactment groups.

In 2022 we will no longer accept displays or groups representing the German Waffen-SS and Nazi Units. It will be made clear that the Capel Military Show is an event that has exhibits of all nationalities and eras of military history, including uniforms, equipment and symbols from wartime periods on display and that any persons likely to be upset or offended by such historical accuracy should not enter this wartime themed event.

The new terms and conditions clearly define what is acceptable at the Capel Military Show and, more importantly, what is not acceptable. Any infringements on these terms and conditions will result in action being taken by the show organisers.

The Capel Military Show is strictly non-political, it does not support, condone or encourage politics, violence, extremism, racism, historical revisionism or the glorification of war in any form.