Brand new Apache AH-64E confirmed

We are delighted to welcome the return of the APACHE from 3 Army Air Corps (3 AAC) who are bringing along their brand new and extremely capable AH-64E. This is a first for the show circuit with the helicopter making its debut in the British Army in 2020.

Fifty Apache AH-64E Version 6 aircraft were purchased from the United States to provide a state-of-the-art attack aviation capability that will be a key element of how the Army fights in the coming decades. The AH-64E replaces the Apache Mk.1, which entered service in 2001 and proved itself as a battle-winning asset in Afghanistan and Libya. The Boeing-built AH-64E features new engines, drivetrain, main rotor blades and avionics that deliver a significant boost in aircraft performance. Embedded system-level diagnostics increase aircraft availability. Extended range Fire Control Radar with maritime mode ensure the aircraft can operate in the maritime environment.

3 Regiment Army Air Corps, part of 1st Aviation Brigade Combat Team, were the first unit to field the AH-64E, with engineers and aircrew going on training courses in the USA to train to operate the helicopter.